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Pablo Ruiz Picasso

The famous Hispanic I chose to research was Pablo Picasso. The reason I chose Picasso is that I feel there was more to him than painting and I was curious to know what else he accomplished during his life. Picasso was inarguably one of societies greatest artists who had an impact on society and became a huge contributor to mankind.

Aside from painting many pictures, Picasso created an entire new form of painting, called Cubism. According to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Cubism was one of the most influential visual art styles of the early twentieth century.” Picasso created Cubism in Paris, with the help of Georges Braque. Up until 1910 Cubism had a distinct subject, but after that Picasso and Braque’s paintings only consisted of overlapping planes. Cubism influenced society being that it preceded and paved the way for modern art. Without Cubism, art would not have developed along the path that it has and the world would not have this type of artwork to enjoy, study and learn from.

Not many people know that Picasso’s accomplishments reach beyond creating famous paintings. Picasso was the recipient of the Lenin peace prize in 1950, and then again in 1961. The Lenin Peace Prize, Russia’s equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize, was awarded to Picasso for unifying humanity through his artwork. It is hard to quantify how society

would have been affected had he not won this award, although it is safe to say that through his artwork, and