Pageants and the Affects on the Family Essay

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Pageants and the Affects on the Family

Throughout the course of a marriage and the building of a family, there are many forces that can strain the relationships between parents and children. Sometimes those forces are out of the control of the family, and sometimes the family brings it upon themselves. When it comes to child pageants, they are a force that strains the marriage between parents, the relationships between parent and child, and the relationship the child has with themselves. In the pageant world, there are two different types of pageants; glitz pageants and natural pageants. Glitz pageants are considered more controversial because they require children to have hair extensions/wigs, fake teeth called flippers, fake nails, spray tans, false eyelashes, tons of makeup, and their dresses have to have lots of sparkly rhinestones on them. It's all about being excessive and extreme. Natural pageants aren't quite as controversial because they are more about children being children. The competitors can wear clothing from a department store, instead of a perfectly tailored dress. Also, makeup, fake hair, false teeth, spray tans, fake nails, etc. are forbidden in these types of pageants. It's about showing off the child's natural beauty. One of the hardest parts about child pageants is if both parents aren't on board. Sometimes one parent may be more into the child competing than the other parent. This can cause a marital strain, because one parent sees the competition as something great to be a part of, while the other parent may see it as something silly, and too mature for a child. Many of the children competing are as young 2 years old. The child probably doesn't know if it wants to compete or not, or if it wants to be a part of the pageant world, only a parent can really decide this. Another way this can strain a marriage is through the financial costs of pageantry. Pageants are an extremely expensive hobby, especially if the child is competing in glitz pageants. All of the costs can exceed $2200 per pageant. Many of these children compete upwards of 5 pageants per year. At each pageant the child needs a tailored dress that is made specifically to fit her, which can cost at a minimum of $500-$1000. Depending on how many events the child is competing in, they may several other costumes costing about $100 each. The child will also need fake teeth, called flippers. These can cost well over $150. The child may also receive coaching to compete in the pageants, which can cost $50/hour. Furthermore, children need to have fake hair, professional makeup, and their hair styled professionally which can costs upwards of $200 per pageant. They also need spray tans, fake nails, and false eyelashes, costing more than $100 per pageant. This on top of the entry fees, which can range between $200-$500, and traveling costs for hotel rooms, gas, rental vehicles, and food, is not a hobby for the average working family. (loannou, 2011.) Sometimes there are other children in the family who do not compete in pageants. This is also difficult for them because they may feel left out, jealous, and envious of the child who is competing. They don't get to partake in the expensive festivities, and they may not get as much attention as the sibling that is competing. This can be pretty detrimental to a young child. (laonnou, 2011.) Child pageants affect more than just the family as a whole, they can