Importance Of Visualization

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Although all three anxiety reduction techniques sound very useful, visualization appeared to me as the most helpful. This technique requires something that the other two don't put the main focus on and that's having to use your five senses to create a vivid image in your head of the situation. When I read this it completely biased me into picking visualization because I realized that I could use this technique not only in speeches or public speaking, but also in sports. If I visualize shooting the basketball and making a basket over and over again, it will calm me when I am actually playing and will make me less nervous about shooting the basketball, which results in more confidence of making the shot. In my speeches it will help me relax and make myself use to unknowing situations. I will also visualize accomplishment which results in having confidence. Another reason that I picked visualization is because it is proven that it will reduce the feelings of anxiety and increase the comfort level. Anxiety is an attribute that I always believed was a harm to my speeches. As I read the chapter, I learned that too much anxiety is not good, but that's why the visualization method can help. Visualizing yourself giving a speech to many others makes it feels like you are actually in the moment and the next time you give a speech you will feel more comfortable since you have already been in that situation. Being comfortable to me is being successful, and that's because when I have the feeling of trust and non