Notes On Leadership

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Class notes Saturday 5/18/2013

Dr. Hayes Class
-make intial posting to weekly DQ by Tuesday midnight
-respond to at least one other peer by Saturday

Leadership paper:
-what is your leadership philosophy??(authorative, transformational, decenteralized, etc)
-this is a formal scholarly paper (no first person) NO I, me, my due date is midnight Saturday g June 1st, 2013.
-have grading rubric with you when writing paper to ensure all areas are addressed

Critical Incident paper:
-reflection on a critical incident you have encountered in practice Ex: refusing to be pulled to another floor, pt/ MD encounters, any issue that “nags” at you
-give brief discussion of incident
-ethical implications of it
-what ethical theory will be applicable
-have rubric with you when writing paper

Article review:
-choose any article from one of the above papers
-make sure article is current
-clear/concise statement what issue/leadership theory applies to this
-look at article and pull out “essence” of it
-author’s perspective
-relevance to advanced practice
-no literature review

Group position paper:
-six groups of 3
-choose an issue in healthcare today Ex: childhood obesity, 3rd party payers, increased insurance costs for smokers, increased BMI
-statement of issue to healthcare policy arena
-synposis of literature review
-what your position is personally

Presentation is synopsis of paper and powerpoint, poster, etc

Dr. Massey’s class
-The big change