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FMCG HYPERLINK "" - good reference interviews and portfolio info

Interbrand – Katie Barter Account Service. ph 8260 2117
++++Sent New Studio Details+++ both Katie and Abi 17th March
Katie replied ‘Cool pad…………..etc
Phoned 9th May, Said will send me renders of Garlic Bread and Raisin Toast

Blue Marlin - Ian Catlin – Ultimo ph 9282 0800
Rang But OS (China) until Wednesday the 6th
Rang left message to phone back 3pm Wed 6th
Rang again ‘busy’ Thursday 7th
Spoke with Ian, said to ring back early November
Rang 9th Nov, in meeting
++++++Rang 16th Nov, Made appointment Dec 1st 12noon.++++++
Had meeting, all’s good, may have dog shoot
++++Sent New Studio Details+++ 17th March
Sent PDF of Cats & Dogs to both Ian and Teri (Acc Service) HYPERLINK "" 20th April 2011

Bold Inc. - Jon Clarke - CD they do a lot of booze etc
Rang and spoke with Jon (pom) – Moving offices to Kings Cross – Call back Friday 9th m 0404 305342
Met with John. He asked me to put together pricing on bottle exploration shots as well as Front n Back. I have sent him (25th) text to get his email address but no reply?
He has replied all good, sit and wait!
++++Sent New Studio Details+++ 17th March
Jon Replied…Nothing yet at this stage
Jon asked me to quote on ‘Chai Tea’ job. Sent email 28th March (Home Computer)
Sent revised quote to Jarrod Robertson 18th May

Landor – Nichola. Dearn - CD at Landor North Sydney ph; 8908 8700
Phoned 7th Straight through to message.
Phoned Said to ring her on the 18th Oct
Rang 18th , said to phone back next week Monday 25th
Rang 25th @ 2.14pm answer machine, didn’t leave message.
Sent Email requesting an appointment as she suggested. 26th Oct
Sent email again as no reply to previous. 4th Nov
Rang 16th Straight to message
Rang 18th Nov, spoke and said to phone back early next week.
Rang 22nd Nov, Spoke and said to ring later in week.
Rang 30th, going away until early January.
Phone back after 4th Jan 2011
Rang 7th Feb out of office until 9th Feb
Rang 9th said to email through Portfolio. HYPERLINK ""
Sent Portfolio 10th Feb.
++++Sent New Studio Details+++ 17th March

Tweak Design - Anthony Cody owner at Tweak Design – Ultimo
Rang left phone number to call me back. Rang Back*****Meeting Thursday 7th 11am***** Had meeting all good?
++++Sent New Studio Details+++ 30th March

Barker Gray - Johnnie Barker - Owner at BarkerGray Surry Hills
Spoke with Andy (Andrew) Morley (ex Campbells) @ Diageo – clients Bundy Johnny Walker etc. Said he’d put in good word to Johhny Barker.
(Ring and drop his name) Rang 30th, ring back in arvo ph; 9211 3022
Rang back, Johnny said to send pdf of work to HYPERLINK "" and cc HYPERLINK ""
Rang Back. Tom Emailed me back 19th Oct. Said to chase him up if haven’t heard back from him in 2 weeks.
Emailed back as no reply after 2 weeks 4th November.
Meeting 11th Nov. 11am with Tom and designers etc.
Suite 3, 89-91 Campbell Street, Surry Hills. Meeting went okay
++++Sent New Studio Details+++ Sent to both Tom & Johnny 17th March

Saltmine - Sarah Salter owner - Stu works there
95 Rose Street Chippendale NSW 2008 ph 8396 8000
Rang 25th Oct, out until 27th Oct
Phone back Friday 29th Rang in meeting
Spoke with receptionist, said preferred method to send through an email with images etc. to forward onto Sarah.
Sent email inc pdf 10th Nov
Rang 16th Nov. left message to phone me back.
Rang 22nd left message for Sarah to phone me back
Rang 23rd Out of office for rest of day. Spoke with receptionist and she has passed on PDF and phone messages.
Spoke with Rosa re Dog shots although I’m unsuccessful. Said to speak with Kath the Design