Analysis Of The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

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There are many cultures over the earth. And cultures have many stories, myths, and beliefs behind them. The culture I looked into this last weekend was the Egyptian culture, which I saw and felt in the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. The museaum contains many historical pieces that the people living in the era used. The museaum contained sculptures, Egyptian games, furniture, art, jewelry and many other things. The museaum consisted of items from the Pharaonic Era,which includes Prehistoric Period, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, and Late Period. The Egptians worshipped hundreds of Gods and Goddesses. They had many items from each of the periods. The collection included jewelry, sculptures, Tutankhamuns, and also Funerary collection. One thing I was amazed to see was that they had old collection of Egyptian beauty supplies. They had combs and even make up. They had necklessess that were bred by small stones and and even big stones that had carving of pictures on them. There were many stones that had carving of pictures. Maybe it was a cultural thing or maybe thye did not have paper. They had examples of small caves which we can walk through and expewrince the old age with a feelings and looks. They had old stones, which were brought from Egypt. They also had Egyptian writing, which were translated from english so people can spell there names, but it was hard because thye did not have some letters in there alphabet that we had like the sound “sh”. There were about four dead bodies over thousand years old in the museaum wrapped into mummies. One thing I liked was that they had scanned the inside of the mummy without opening or damaging the mummy. They had played that on a TV screen beside it.