Parents And Teachers Wrestle For Power In An Urban Neighborhood School Within A Gentrifying Community

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Case Study Analysis Framework -
Written Analysis is organized in the following parts (developed by J. T. Kowalski)
Step 1: Introduction
State the full title of the case study, author names, year published
Title: Contested Territory: Parents and Teachers Wrestle for Power in an Urban Neighborhood School located Within a Gentrifying Community
Authors: David Mayrowetz, John Price
Year Published: 2005
Describe the situation of the case
Thomas Payne Elem. – had several concerns including: school security, racial tensions, controlling board, changing neighborhood, teachers have forgotten their primary purpose, principal has pressure to provide action plan in a very short period of time.
Problem Context
School is in an impoverished
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Step 4: Recommendations - Goals, Challenges, Potential Outcomes, and Consequences
Use theory and research to make recommendations
Discuss ethical considerations
Teachers are not following teacher educator best practices
Principal has been minimizing problems
Principal is taking the hands-off approach because he thinks he can’t fix something that has been in existence for years. The problem appears to be larger than just within the school walls.
Board is overstepping their bounds in suggesting curriculum changes
Principal has been minimizing problems, teachers are not following best practices, and board is overstepping their bounds in suggesting curriculum changes.
Project potential outcomes
Principal gets fired
Principal solves problems
Teacher union files grievances
Teachers quit
A major safety incident could occur without an immediate solution
School gets unwanted negative publicity in the media.
Anticipated challenges
Principal has a short five day timeline to make changes that appears unreasonable for the magnitude of the problems
How do change the habits and philosophy of a staff that seem unwilling to change their mindset?
How does one person change long-standing racial tensions in a community and be the lone person held accountable for change?
Principal has five days to make changes that appears unreasonable for the magnitude of the problems, How does one person change