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As humans we always try to examine and define people. We can’t help ourselves from making assessments and judgments on others, whether they are based on personal prejudices or objective standards. And most “artists” are evaluated by their final products and results: writers by their writings, musicians by their performance, and artists by their works of art. People generally view an artist in a subjective perspective through an artwork. What I create and produce is not simply a personal artwork of my own but an accurate and blunt reflection of myself, defining me as an artist and furthermore as kind of a person I truly am. On that account, the process and motives of making art become crucial, acting as determining elements of understanding my art. It is unquestionable that any kind of experience you have affects you and influences your art. In that aspect, I believe a method of making art is no fixed course, but an ongoing progress. I view my whole life; every activity happen is a part of the whole process of making art. A piece of art is capable of revealing everything about the artist: his or her ideology, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, desire, dreams, and on. It reflects everything that the artist has seen, watched, heard, thought of, and experienced, which is why I continuously force myself to read, communicate, and practice as much as I could because I know by my heart that knowledge and insights I obtained by doing so will function as good assets and advantages in my paintings. I read history books and articles from Times Magazine, study and do master copy of drawings and paintings of great masters like Rembrandt, Rubens, Sargent, and Steve Huston, and listen to jazz and classical music. Even after confronting a financial problem within my family, which is why I was to postpone my dream of going to art school, I have maintained to continue those