Passion and Ambition Essay

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Children never notice the things parents do for them, or consciously appreciate it. I knew my father was a hardworking man, but I didn't really appreciate his sacrifices. I simply just asked him for things, and he simply gifted me with the things I wanted. As I grew older I began to understand such things as bills, responsibilities, and sacrifices. I was woken up by my father at four in the morning. I was 11 years old. My father thought I was a bit wise and sucked information in like a sponge, and aimed to keep his words incessantly playing in my mind whenever I approached challenges. He began talking to me about his experiences in Honduras; his daily routines: Waking up at six in the morning to walk two miles to retrieve firewood for the cooking, carrying two heavy jugs of water from the river four miles in another direction so that his mother can have fresh water to cook, bathe, and drink from, going to school in the mornings, and finally working in the evenings to bring some money back to his mother. These daily obligations were a hassle for him. He drove me to his job in New Jersey; a grey place to be. I could only imagine the sacrifices my father, alone, had to make in order to keep his family happy. He told me, "I've gone so far, just so that you can aim farther. I've sacrificed so much so that you can have the opportunities you do. I do this everyday because it is my passion to see you, your sister, and your mother happy. Follow your passions and you will be as happy