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Business Canvas Assignment #1
I would like to start my own Montessori School within the North York region for the ages of 3-6. It will target employed parents (especially Career-Oriented Parents) that are always looking to find a place that their children can learn and be taken care of during business hours.
Customer Segments (Niche Market)
I will be targeting parents that work the regular 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. business hours as well as the Career-Oriented parents who don’t really have the time to cater to their children’s needs while they are at work.
Value Propositions (Convenience)
One of the most common problems that employed parents face is the hassle of leaving their jobs to take their children home or to an afternoon daycare centre.
The Montessori school will provide the children with a solid education throughout the day and as well as afternoon daycare activities to keep their children preoccupied while their parents are still at work. This would remove a huge burden that parents have to face on a daily basis.
Channels (Direct and Indirect Owned Channels)
The Montessori School will be raising awareness using both indirect and direct channels. * Direct * Through word-of-mouth (teachers to parents, parents to parents) , a percentage of parents that have their children on a waiting list to get into a school will be signing up with a newly built school for two main reasons: Lower Price and a Guaranteed Spot. * This method would be the most cost-efficient and the best method to get a parent’s attention. * It will not interfere with the parent’s routine, because all awareness can be raised during social events. * Indirect * Creating a website that will be advertised on many other websites to get the parent’s attention. * It will not interfere with the parent’s routine because humans have the constant behaviour of trying to look for something better and that will lead parents to finding a school that best fits their needs and as well as their children’s.

Customer Relationships (Communities)
The Montessori school will be more involved by building a strong community with the current