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University of Baltimore
Robert G. Merrick School of Business
Intermediate Accounting II (ACCT 302 & ACCT 511)
Computer Project


Using Excel, prepare an effective interest amortization schedule for P14-1 on page 794 of your text. Be sure to set up the spreadsheet so as not to exceed the page width of the printer, with the columns wide enough to display the formula input. Label your solutions and make your printout easily readable.

Include in the upper portion of your template the data input information from the exercise. All numbers except dates in the remainder of your solution should be generated by equations referencing the cells containing the data input information. DO NOT type numbers into the cells in the remainder of your template. Instead, construct equations that reference the data input cells to generate the numbers required to solve the problem. DO NOT include numerical present value factors in your data input information. If required, use the present value function in Excel or construct a formula (see Chapter 6 in our text.). DO NOT forget to use the data input information to generate an amortization schedule for use in your solution.


Please e-mail your solution to

Grading will be based on the accuracy of the solution as well as the format and design of your spreadsheet, including the use of formulas to calculate the solution. The spreadsheet should be well-labeled and have appropriate spacing and ordering of information to enhance readability. Spreadsheets