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High School Diploma vs. GED

“Many people argue the point of a GED being equal to a high school diploma. Some people believe that high school graduation is the first step toward higher benefits and a career in the future for a teenager”. Others believe a GED gives the same benefit. I stand on the side of the first. I believe that a high school diploma gives a graduate a better opportunity towards a higher education and a rewarding career. A GED is an alternative for people unable or unwilling to complete high school. High School Journal. Apr/May2012, Vol. 95 Issue 4, p4-18. 15p. Many students spend years earning their high school diploma to prove their knowledge in the core classes in their states. Others taking GED classes only take one test in one day to move on to college. Most community colleges recieve students who have a GED. Community colleges even offer GED courses. Getting a high school diploma on the other hand, is a guaranteed community college admittance. Some colleges won't view the GED as equal to a high school diploma. In fact many colleges consider the a diploma superior to a GED. Many people disagree with GED process due to the fact that students are not required to take traditional coarses to earn a GED. A high school graduate on the other hand is required to take four years of high school courses. Students who take the GED test may not have some of the skills a high school graduate has. "Time Magazine" reports that students with a GED are often times less qualified for some jobs than high school graduates. One way a GED can benefit a person is if that person can go to a college and obtain a degree. In that instance, getting a job is reasonably easy. With a degree employees know they are hiring someone who can complete a goal they've set. On the other hand and applicant with only a high school diploma vs. an applicant with a GED, a diploma will always be viewed as dominate. The