People Kill People Essay

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Recently, in the United States, there has been a rise in violent acts, such as the one depicted above, committed with weapons such as firearms and knives. However, instead of acknowledging the fact that there are harmful people in our nation, our system continues to blame the weapons the crimes were committed with. What the cartoonist is trying to convey is the fact that lately, the leaders in government, and even some of our citizens are attempting to make excuses for murderers by giving them a title of ‘crazy’ or ‘mentally sick’. We know that a person killing another is wrong, but lately our society has started to make excuses for the people committing the crimes. Maybe it is because the United States does not want to look bad in the eyes of all the countries that look up to us, or maybe it is because we are tired of seeing fellow citizens going to prison for the same types of crimes. Take the Aurora, Colorado shooting for example. The media has gone as far as saying the only reason that the crime took place was because James Holmes had access to a firearm. If someone had their mind set to harm others, they will do it. They will find the means to commit the crime; they don’t necessarily need a weapon.
Another issue lately is that some do not know what they are doing when they are carrying out their wrongdoings but, if that person got themselves a weapon, got to the venue by themselves and committed the crime without help, they knew exactly what they were doing. What