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Career Goal and Career Opportunities
Six years ago, after graduating from high school, like other classmates, I chose hospitality management for my bachelor degree without any excitements about this. Nevertheless, through enthusiastic lecturers and efforts of myself in learning and part-time jobs in some famous hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during four years; besides completing my bachelor course, I also realized that I am really interesting this industry because it gives me the chance to interact with different people in various cultures and languages. After that, I went to Australia to continue my studies and get more experiences by participating in the two-year master course of international hospitality management in Le Cordon Bleu Australia few months ago. My immediate target is to graduate this course, then come back Vietnam with the goal for my career path that will become a successful manager of four or five stars hotels or resorts in Nha Trang city - named of my hometown – in next three years. Luckily, Nha Trang city being a famous tourist destination of Vietnam with the development of four or five-star hotels and resorts, even six stars; but, there are also many shortages of educated and skilled workers in hospitality industry in whole Vietnam in general and in local areas in particular (Nguyen & Chaisawat 2008). Indeed, as the survey of Vietnam human resources in tourism project (cited in Nguyen & Chaisawat 2008, p.6) notes, Vietnamese current trainings and educations programs do not meet the requirements of hospitality industry, 60-70% newly graduated students have to be retrained when entering the industry because of improper, unprofessional curriculums and training programs, and the lack of English proficiency. Thus, to hit my targets, I have been working part-time job in a restaurant in Adelaide – city of festivals and beautiful beaches - to get more experiences and apply learned theories into realities which help to get more passions and understandings about hospitality industry when learning. Moreover, a last quarter of my two-year master course is full-time internships (Le Cordon Bleu Australia 2015) at famous hotels or resorts in Australia that is a good opportunity for me to work at professional environments and workforces.
About Myself
According to a test of Hogan and Champagne (1980), my personality type is ESTJ (Extrovert, Senser, Thinker, and Judger). In other words, I am a person who likes organizing and running activities; be realistic and practical with a natural head for business. This result also states that I am only interested in subjects which I see use for, however, I can apply other subjects while necessary; and if I keep in mind to consider emotions or viewpoints of other people, I will be a good manager. This information shows my personality is quite suitable for my future career plans as long as I remember more focusing on others’ feelings and viewpoints. As regarding to my learning styles, I am a converging (Abstract Conceptualization and Active Experimentation) individual who is best at looking for practical uses for ideas and theories; solving problem and marking decision based on discovering solutions or alternatives to problems or questions; preferring to experiment with new ideas and practical applications (Kolb & Kolb 2005). These characteristics will be the great contribution to achieve successfully my future wishes. Nonetheless, with a converging learning style, I prefer dealing with technical tasks and problems to dealing with social and interpersonal issues (Kolb & Kolb 2005), which will create some problems in the relationship between my employees or co-workers and me when I will be a manager in the future. Another test of learning styles studied by Honey and Mumford (2006) indicates that I am also activist person who has trends to be interesting with anything new, be open-minded without skeptical and my days are made full by activities; which help me not