Essay on Evaluating Contemporary Views of Leadership

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Evaluating Contemporary Views of Leadership
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Evaluating Contemporary Views of Leadership From Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela’s charisma, to Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King’s intelligence and Steve Jobs’ analytical nature, there can be as numerous ways to lead as there are leaders (Crossman, 2010). Leadership is a hot debate both in the business world and other areas of the society. Throughout the world's, there have been as many leadership models as there have been their commentators (Burns & Peltason, 1966). Fortunately, psychologists and businesspersons have established useful frameworks that refer to the main ways of leadership. When leaders
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The contemporary leadership views with involvement of the managers or leaders and consideration of everybody as equal in the organization supports the development of both leaders and managers (Nadler & Tushman, 1990). For example, in such leaderships, while the leader is the final decision maker they encourage innovation and creativity among employees (Crossman, 2010). Hence, people are often highly involved in decisions and projects of the organization. As a result, team members of such leaders tend to have increased and high job satisfaction that leads to high productivity (Wren, 1995). Again, such leadership styles include democratic, transactional, situational, and transformational leadership styles (Burns & Peltason, 1966). The modern views incorporate team building features and power sharing that advances from the traditional hierarchical structures. The solutions to the organization’s problems are brainstormed in a collective manner (Burns & Peltason, 1996; Crossman, 2010; Kedrick, 2011). A perfect example of such leaders is those that involve transformational leadership styles. Transformational leaders have high emotional intelligence and integrity. They motivate employees with a pooled vision of the future. They are good communicators and clear in their speech.