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I have often been told that I have a compassion for people and a thirst for knowledge, and to me, there is no other career field that would better exemplify these qualities. My definition of nursing is that nursing is the connection between patients, family members, and other healthcare personnel. Nurses are mediators, educators, counselors, and are the last line of defense for patients. Nursing not only treat patients symptoms and disease but treats patients as a whole. One of my favorite quotes that I believe all nurses should model is a quote by Patch Adams that says, “You treat a disease you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.”
My philosophy of nursing is that nursing is a synergy of art and science. Nursing takes the art of compassion and character as well as the science of technology, and education. I believe the core of nursing is centered on the care of others, helps to advocate and empower, and exemplifies competency, responsiveness and authenticity. As a nurse, one should constantly be looking for new ways of delivering patient care to meet optimal outcomes, staying informed of developments in health promotion and disease management, and inquiring as to all health care practices used by patients.
I utilize Merle Mishels Theory of Uncertainty in Illness in my practice. As a nurse I am constantly trying to put myself in the patients shoes and imagine what my life would be like if I was them. Patients are scared, at times hopeless, and are uncertain of what is to come. Mishel has helped nurses like me to utilize interventions to work with patients through these times. Some of the interventions include learning patient triggers, utilizing imagery and distraction, and most importantly utilizing a calming presence to allow patients to…