Research Paper On Gangsters

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This is the most chaotic and one of the craziest cities in the world, where the gas is 50 times cheaper and easier to find than a bottle of water and the blood of the innocent people runs over the street around the Capital. In my neighborhood, the crime and the insecurity have become a common activity that my family and I have been suffering since the last 15 years
As one of the more dangerous cities in the world, Caracas has taught me how to keep alert, think before acting and be a careful person when I’m outside of my home, because I do not want to be stolen, killed or kidnapped. In my city, the gangsters have kidnapped a lot citizens in order to get money because the salary that they earn is not enough. Sometimes few families do not have money, as a result, the gangsters killed the victim like nothing. Also, is almost impossible walking around the streets using your cellphone and not be stolen. I have many friends who had been stolen inside of their cars. As I mentioned before, the traffic in Caracas is terrible and usually people use their phones to be distracted and spend time texting with others. However, this action is not recommended because the thieves go with their motorcycles between the cars, they take out a real gun and just take your phone away.
Perhaps, the victims of crime will ask about the police, if they do something to prevent it or not. Sometimes they do, but the majority of the police are corrupt, generating a really dangerous environment for everyone. Caracas is a city where the confidence is lost. Due to this, I only trust in my family because they are people who I spent all my life with and I really know them. The Capital and their environment shaped me in this way, which probably is not the best but that is the place where I came from and I would not change it
During my childhood, I studied in a high school 20 miles away from my hometown. It means that I had to wake up at 5 am when my first class started at 7:30 because of the traffic. As I mentioned before, anybody wants to get stuck in traffic because the probability of being stolen increase easily. Due to this, the traffic shaped me as a very nervous person when I’m in a car. Nevertheless, this is a problem that I could stand during my entire life.
Caracas is a crowded city, where a line of people waiting for buying any kind of basic need like milk, water or chicken is common. It is a routine that my