Personal Essay On Playing The Piano

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Personal Essay

Keeping Playing
Tracing back to the time at the age of 6, I found my interest, piano, which I would never thought to be the biggest success in my life I’ve persisted for so long. And it would never be the success without my mom helping me for lots. I felt totally attracted by the piano when I was in the kindergarten. That was the time my mother noticed my interest from my teacher’s words. She said that I often went to play the hand wind piano in my tone, even the piano cover fell down on my fingers, I kept playing with the hurt. I’m always crazy about things of music. And for now, I got to the highest level of national amateur piano playing.
As the same as my mom, many Chinese parents like making their children learn some special skills like an instrument, a kind of sport, dancing or depicting or something out of class. Mostly parents will choose the piano to be one of their children’s skills. In fact, they will give up not for long, but the one keeping practicing unremittingly until now is me who plays the piano as a hobby unlike many of my friends who are forced to do it, though my mother has hit my finger with a piece of chopsticks when I loaf on the job. Nevertheless, I appreciate her and respect her very much. Virtually, I will definitely not reach the step I’m in now without the supervision and inspiration of her. In the beginning of practicing, she always sits beside me to check my fingering following the stave. Gradually, my mom can barely keep pace with me when I got on higher levels, and she no long stays with me. But she will still pay attention more to the emotion I express out. This is an important reason for me to play on.
Things loved may also be bored with one day. Terribly, this sentence was greatly proofed as I started my senior in which I was busier than ever, feeling much pressure from school work, and spending little time with the piano. I considered the period as two lovers having a terrifying cold war feeling too tired to keep on going with each other. It was really a hard time, too hard. I was so conflicted that I even supposed to give it up at a time. Fortunately, a showing off opportunity to performance with a music teacher at the normal odium in school’s welcome party came to me from my leader teacher that I really wanted to catch up. Often since showing at the graduation ceremony as a member of the school orchestra in primary school, playing solo at middle school’s art festival, and accompanying in the class chorus contest in senior one, I got much treasured experience of piano on stage. But this time I was afraid and hesitated whether I should go because I have not touched it for a long time. I did not know if I can handle it especially with the heavy pressure from study. However, it was my mom that kept encouraging me. She always said:” You can do it! You should trust yourself and feel most confident with faith in hearts”. These gentle but powerful words from my mom’s mouth can really make me better and remind me of her trusting smile when I was facing troubles. So I put myself together and try to make achievement as I did in the past. It seemed so easy for me to be an accompanist again that I spent only a few weeks to match up with the solo singer. Being rounded with euphony, every day was weary but full of fun that enriched me very much. After weeks of running-in and cooperation training day and night, from basic garments, salute, walking posture to the