Personal Essay: College Is Worth The Cost

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College Essay Have you wondered why some people have good jobs and make a lot of money? Do you wonder if they went to college? What are your future goals? My future goal is to go to college. The reasons why I want to go to college are because I want to be the first one in my family and I want to have a good job in the future. College is right for me. College is important for everybody even me for several reasons. For example, in the article, College is Worth the Cost, by Brooks C. Holtom states, “College also prepares you for a well-rounded and healthful life. Students who go to college get prepared for a healthful life because students smoke less, exercise more, and are more likely to volunteer in school or community work. In addition, in the same article by Brooks C., Holtom states that people who graduate from college earn more than those who just graduated from high …show more content…
I want to attend College of The Sequoias and then transfer to UCLA or Cal Poly. The majors for a Dental Hygienist are biology, chemistry, and physics. The majors for a Pharmacist are chemistry, biology, and anatomy. The degree I want to earn for a Dental Hygienist is an Associate's degree which only takes two years to complete. For a pharmacist I would like to get a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Bachelor's degree. A Doctor of Pharmacy takes about three to four years and to get a bachelors degree it takes four years. My career goal is to become a dental hygienist or a pharmacist. A dental hygienist is a person dental worker specializing in scaling and polishing teeth. A pharmacist provides information about a medication and the use to a person and ensure that the medicines prescription to patients are suitable. What I need to improve in high school is spend less time doing my homework so I could get involved in extracurricular activities. The second thing I need to do is study more to improve my test