Personal Narrative: My Dad

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It felt like I was on the sun as I layed in my parents bed trying to go to sleep, I kept throwing pillows off of me and layed outside the blankets. I would reach my arms as far as they went grabbing new pillows just to get a cold one but they would quickly burn up and Id go to grab a new one. I ran out of cold pillows faster than light and I couldn't cool down the heat was unbearable and I was not going to bed anytime quick. My dad woke up in the morning and I was still awake trying to cool down. “Dad I’m dying of heat I can't cool down,” I told my dad
He took his hand and put it on my head and quickly realized how hot my forehead was and went to grab the thermometer. He took my temperature and I read the screen as he pulled the thermometer out of my mouth it said 105. I didn't know what
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My dad got dressed really quick and rushed me to the hospital. Soon enough after we got there it was out turn to go in to see the doctor. One of the nurses took my temperature and gave me something for my raising temperature not to long after the doctor rushed in. She examined me and did a few things and then left fastly, my dad was calling my mom who moved to Colorado for her job and we were all going to meet her after the school year was up. The door creaked open after what felt like forever as we were waiting for the doctor to tell us what was wrong with me. She slowly walked in like a turtle on land and told my dad that I had Scarlet Fever. I was only 6 and didn't know what they were talking about as I listened in to what they were talking about.