Personal Narrative: My Dad

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It was a Saturday afternoon and the kids were playing in the back yard, playing in the dirt. Mommy had been out all day and daddy wouldn’t tell them why. It was unusual for her to be out without a reason. The kids heard a car pull up to the driveway and turn off. The door opened and the door closed. The front door of the house opened and closed. The mother appeared at the sliding glass door to the backyard and opened it. Come to the driveway, kids, said the mother. Both the kids jumped up and ran out to the front. To their surprise, there was a puppy in the front seat! The mother opened the door and picked up the puppy. They all walked inside. The puppy belongs to you said the mother. It’s up to you to name him. The kids watched as the puppy ran …show more content…
The parents were angry. They took the puppy and sent him out to the back yard. The kids didn’t know what to think. Why had happy done all of that? She cried. Happy was supposed to be good like all dogs. What was the parents going to do? What would be happy’s future? After the parents cooled down, the children helped clean up the mess happy made. The parents then decided to sit down with the children to come up with a plan on how to train happy to become a house dog. The children came up with different rules and scheduled times to feed happy and to take happy out for a walk before bed. Later that day, the children went outside to play with happy. Happy didn’t seem too interested in playing. Happy knew he had done something bad and felt everyone was mad at him. The children gave happy some dog treats so cheer him up. Happy begin to be his normal self again. The parents decided to let happy sleep outside for the next and start his training the next day. The children agreed and kissed happy goodnight. The next day, the children woke up early to start training happy in becoming a house