Personal Narrative: My Experience With Divorce

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It all started when I was just four years old. The year was 2004 and I was just finding out about my parents divorce. For almost every child, the word divorce makes him or her squirm and believe it is his or her fault. For me, this was exactly it, I was afraid that it was all my fault and that my parents decided to split on my behalf, but soon enough that changed. For the next few years, my mother and father fought heavily over my custody, and had many heated conversations on what should occur in the near future as I was growing up fairly quickly. Once the papers had been finalized due to my father’s truancy, my mother had finally acquired full custody. This was one of the biggest turning points in my life as it led to the meeting of my step father who I now officially call dad. …show more content…
After a month, my mom had found a match and his name was Mark, a.k.a my “dad”. After several months of texting back and forth, they finally decided to meet in person and from what I heard, they clicked right away. Later, my mom had finally introduced Mark to me and at first I was shy and not completely aware of the situation. After having met Mark, he started visiting my mother and I every other weekend, then every weekend, then it led to every few days, and finally it led to him moving in with us. As time went by, I grew a liking for him and felt more comfortable with seeing him everyday. When a complete stranger comes in a person's life it may seem weird, but for me, it came naturally as Mark became the most important father figure for me and soon enough my younger sister