Personal Narrative: My Identity

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I am a hundred defining characteristics; I am a creative, passionate, thoughtful, intellectual woman. A woman who loves the arts, who loves loving and helping other, and a woman who battles anxiety and depression. I believe this is a crucial part of my identity because it has shaped the way I live my life and how I feel about who I am and what I think of my future. I’ve been told that my diagnosis does not define me, that I am more than my diagnosis. I know that what I deal with is a large part of my current identity, along with who I am as a person. My identity strongly revolves around this part of me and I cannot pretend that it does not influence my life.
From the time my first psychologist said my diagnosis out loud and made them feel real
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There are a hundred other defining characteristics to who I am; my biggest passion is creating art. I have spent my entire highschool career as a part of a choir and I got to tour Ireland which ended up being a life changing opportunity that allowed me to see beauty across the world and experience performing art in centuries old spaces. I create art on a daily basis. I push myself in my art classes because photography and art history give me a purpose and make me feel like I belong in this world. On top of that, I devote so much of my time to making my friends and family feel loved, I love making little gifts for people I care about, and I always support those who need my help. All of these dive into the real core of my personality which goes down far deeper than just my diagnosis. My life revolves around love. Not just a newly found love for myself, but a love for what I create, the people who support me, the world I live in, and for the progress I continually make in living with this part of me. I would not be able to love so passionately if I did not have the experience of growing through my mental illness. Through it I have become someone I am happy to see in the mirror and someone that I know is able to achieve amazing