Personal Narrative-What Makes A Monster?

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As soon as i seen the fright on my creators face i ran far away, so he, nor nobody else could see me. I lived a very lonely life, when i tried to be friends with someone they always got scared away by my appearance. I wish to not be lonely anymore, nobody wishes to be as lonely as i, so why i be so dreadfully lonely. My creator was very cruel for making a monster as ugly as i were. I will track him down and eliminate everyone in his family, so then he could slightly feel the lonesome i have been forced to feel everyday. I am in England, I found a paper with his name and andress so therefore i shall find my creator and i will make his suffer a great pain as i do. I am almost there, but along the way i tried to rescue a young woman who was being chased by a bear in the …show more content…
It was the village people coming after me. I ran but they let their dogs out on me. I took them and used them for holding my things as i traveled finding my creator. I traveled far and wide trying to find my creator. When i looked for his address i found his house, and outside the house was a small child. I picked up the small child and asked where he was, but the child messed up by stating his father was victor frankenstein, I brought the child over to the nearest river and threw him in, he never came out of the river. Soon i entered the house only to find the women left, they said the men had went on hunting, I took them out of the kitchen and pushed them both from the top roof. When i walked passed the bathroom i noticed a mirror in the room and i looked at it and couldn't believe myself, i couldn't believe that i looked this way. For why he made me look this ugly, i do not know. But have my word i will end victor frankenstein. Victor came home and i seen his face as he walked upon his soon to be wife dead on the ground. I knew i had gotten my revenge but i wanted