Personal Responsibility Essay

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November 19, 201

Personal responsibility and College success
As a child, you will be in responsibility of your parents. At that stage you are depend to your parents. As you turns 18 years or older you become responsible of your own life and your children as well. Personal responsibility means taking responsibility of your own actions and accepting the consequences of those actions instead of blaming someone else for something that you were not able to accomplish. Goodman, Ellen defines personal responsibility: “is the great American password, the single term which, uttered properly assures my status as a stand-up grown-up.” He also said that “Indeed it seems that American citizenship comes with a set of bootstraps initialed personal responsibility” (Ellen1).
It is essential to have personal responsibility because a person must to be able to take responsibility for their own work instead of blaming a situation or another individual for something that they were not able to accomplish or put forth the effort of doing it when they needed to do it. A person cannot succeed if there is not personal responsibility for what he/she is doing. The relationship between personal responsibility and college success enclose all areas of my life. Even though, the instructors are there to teach us. In order, for me to achieve my personal responsibility is to ensure my college success by doing my own assignments, managing my time to study, and managing my stress.
In order for me to practice my personal responsibility for my education, I need to do my own assignment. I have to do my works on time and I don t need to look for somebody else to do it for me. If I don’t understand how to do it, I can seek for help with my tutor or one of my classmates to explain to me how to do it. Doing your own assignment helps to understand your courses because if you let someone else to do your work you will not understand your course and it is going to hurt you on your exams. Doing the assignments is better way to understand your materials and if you don’t understand it you can find somebody to assist you by explaining to you step by step how to it. But if you just let somebody else do it without your participation, you will not be successful on your education.
According, to SPARKMAN, LARRY A.,MAULDING, WANDA S., and ROBERTS, JALYNN G “To be successful in the pursuit of a degree, students need to achieve a level of commitment to their career, academic goals, and the institution, as well” (Larry, Wanda, and Jalynng 1). It is absolutely true, as student you need to achieve a level of commitment on doing your assignments. If you don’t, you will never be successful in pursing you education. It requires a lot of sacrifices to do the assignments and it is your own responsibility of doing right and on time. You need to use all the resources that can help you understand the materials or seek for assistance with tutor in order to be successful. Managing time is very