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Robert Wilson

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12 August 2013

Huberta Gunn


It is no secret that success can be seen as a direct correlation to personal responsibility. Individuals who have gained any degree of personal success likely could not have done so without the ability to take full responsibility for their lives. Personal responsibility can be achieved by maintaining discipline, acquiring time management skills and holding yourself accountable for your actions. With effort, this would help in most life situations, including your college career.

Initially, personal responsibility can be achieved by maintaining discipline. Simply put, discipline can be defined as self-control or the ability to motivate yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state. It is a powerful personal development tool and the first step in accepting full responsibility for your choices. While discipline is a painstaking task to accomplish, with the combination of hard work and practice it is not unattainable. You can practice discipline by setting goals and deadlines. For greater success, start by setting a goal that is specific and challenging, yet attainable.

For example, your goal is to lose weight. Start by setting a very specific amount of weight that you want to lose and the exact date you want to lose it by. Once you have laid out the goal, the next step is to set a guideline for how to you plan to accomplish the goal, which may be to run a mile a day. After you have formulated a reasonable plan to accomplish your goal, you can then work to discipline yourself to carry out the plan before your set deadline.. Like any other skill, such as playing a musical instrument or sport, building discipline takes an extreme about of practice and patience but once mastered, is very rewarding and empowering.

Additionally, you can achieve personal responsibility by acquiring time management skills. Time-management is the process of managing your available time in such a way that you are able to complete tasks within that allotted time. It is a