Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility

Jane Doe


January 28, 2014

Ms Johnson

Personal responsibility means doing your own work, study hard, turn in quality

assignments and turn in assignments on time. It’s also means to make wise

decisions that benefits us as well as others. We also need to be responsible for

ourselves before we can be responsible to others. It is important to know that we

are not responsible for things that are not in our control. It is our responsibility

however, on how we react to situations, meaning you should think before you react.

Responsibility is also taking the blame for your mistakes and being held

accountable for your actions.

The relationship between personal responsibility and college success is doing

your own work, allotting yourself enough time to study, turning in your assignments

on time and making sure your assignments are of quality. Those are the keys to

college success. Also, if you are in a team, make sure you and your team meets at

least once a week to make sure you are on the same page. Also, all team

members need to turn in their work in a timely manner and pull your own weight.

No one on the team should have to do your assignment that is when personal

responsibility really matters.

My plan to practice personal responsibility is to:

Read my syllabus thoroughly. It takes a couple of times to read the

syllabus to understand the clarity of the instructions. If you are not

clear of the directions, always ask your instructor.

- Study in an area without distractions. Make sure there isn’t a television

- on or any loud noise