Personal and professional development Essay

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Level 4 Diploma in Business and
Professional Administration

Unit 403 – PPD1

Personal and professional development


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“The most successful nations in the future will be those which develop high quality, skilled and motivated workforces and make good use of them.” Government White Paper (1994)
This object of this assignment is to identify what personal and professional development is, if there is any difference between personal and
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These factors give a sense of satisfaction and motivation through improving performance, achieving personal and company goals which can also give them physical rewards such as increased remuneration and benefits.
Qualifications are evidence of the level of knowledge gained and the competencies developed. The type of qualification i.e. Degree or NVQ dictates the characteristics and context of the learning and the learning outcomes are measured or assessed and qualifications awarded based on the results.
The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) (2009) states that the 5 main purposes of qualifications are:
• Recognise personal growth and engagement in learning
• Prepare for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area
• Prepare for employment
• Confirm occupational competence and/or 'licence to practice'
• Updating and continuing professional development (CPD)

Every post in LCFT has a profile of requirements to fulfil the role including which qualifications are required e.g. a midwife must be a qualified nurse and have a degree in Midwifery, a secretary must have RSA3 typing. Proof of qualifications obtained (certificates and professional registrations) must be shown prior to job offers to evidence the level of competency and skills of potential employees to fulfil the requirements of the job.
Within LCFT, staff learning and development is viewed as being an