Professional Networking: A Professional Analysis

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Networking has long been an effective method to grow one base of personal and professional connections. Until recently, networking involved meeting people in person from chance encounters, through a mutual acquaintance, or during a business function. However, the advent of social media has made networking something that can be done without ever leaving your home. While some may argue that is takes personal touch out of the equation, it is hard to argue with the amount of exposure that can be had through a simple social networking profile.
The Role of Networking in Professional Life The concept of professional networking is relatively simple. In basic terms, you want to make the most connections possible because you never know when you may
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The president of the New York Stock exchange, Tom Farley, has said that nearly every professional development he has had throughout his career is owed to networking and his current position began with a networking opportunity back in 2001 that led to more and more opportunities (Farley, 2015). Each time a connection is made, the network is expanded, and with it, the opportunities for development.

Keeping Your Brand Consistent
In order to have a successful professional band, it is important to distinguish between the personal and professional. For example, in order to manage their professional brand, this author has established a LinkedIn profile that is strictly related to professional matters. It contains no links to social media like Facebook, or Twitter. While this author also has those accounts, those are not relevant to the overall professional brand.
Once your brand and talents have been established, it is important to represent them accurately and honestly. It is key to remember that while you are networking, so are others. If you create a connection with someone and misrepresent yourself, then that person makes a connection with one of your other professional connections and your skills, history, brand, and even personality are not in line, it stands to jeopardize both networking connections.
Be Active in
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This can serve as your professional hub. You will be able to search for connection online, and refer people you meet on the streets to your page to review your profile and credentials. Once that has been completed, it will be important to remain active.
People in a current office can be a great place to being networking. For example, this author has made it a point to walk out of their way at the end of the day to pass by the head of the human resources office. What first began has casual waves goodbye, slowly developed into conversations, and now on a first name basis, and direct contact. In the future, if applying for internal positions, this networking connection could prove to be highly valuable.
Attempting to make networking connections outside of work in unstructured settings can be nerve wracking, and requires practice and personal development. However, this can become an effective way to meet professional connections that are outside of the immediate circle of influence, and even across various industries. In a hypothetical situation, working in the insurance field, it may be beneficial to make a professional connection with someone in the banking industry that could be of assistance with a problem or brainstorming session at some point in time.