Essay on Personality: Psychology and Personality Traits

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The psychoanalytic there are three levels of awareness conscious, preconscious and unconscious. Conscious is the mind activity thinking called the Working memory. The preconscious is the part of the mind that available when it is needed but you are not currently aware of at the time. Examples are wishes you may have or thoughts. Unconscious are the things that are kept out of conscious awareness. Next, humanistic is that people have free will and they play an active role in determining how they behave. Also, this focuses on experiences that you have had in different areas of life. This theory believes that this is determined by your choices and not by fate. Personality traits ca be simple or complex. A few personality traits are kind, considerate, loving, compassionate, funny, outgoing, shy, self-centered and talkative. These are all words or ways to describe what kind of person you are. For example if some tells you that you are a shy person this would describe you someone who keeps to themselves. Everyone has their own traits that is what makes each there own. Social cognitive is a learning theory that people learn by watching others. This theory states people learn all their behavior by watching what others do or don’t do. We do create some of our morals from what we watch others do that we might agree with or disagree with. Last, the biological of personality states that our genes make up plays role as to how we develop as an adult. Our biological make up plays a huge