Persuasive Essay Against Abortion

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“Birth control is already available, so therefore abortion should not be a form of birth control.” (“”). “Abortion is a form of murder and demeans the life of a human being”. (“”). Abortion can create many problems for the mother and baby. Although abortion is legal, society should fight for it to be illegal, because it is murder, unhealthy for the mother and baby, and can decrease our population.
Abortion is murder. When dealing with abortion women are not just dealing with their own body, they are also responsible for the living, unborn child in her abdomen ( Abortion is wrong, the mother is not just dealing with her body she is also dealing with the babies. “The killing of an innocent human
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“Women have problems like, infection, uterine perforation, hemorrhaging, cervical trauma, and failed abortions with ongoing pregnancies” (“”). Abortion gives you so many problems after the fact that it creates more problems than having the baby. Twenty-eight out of thirty-seven worldwide studies have linked induced abortion with breast cancer ( If abortion can be linked to any cancer, you should just go ahead and have the baby instead of creating more problems to your body. Abortion can cause many other problems, it can be considered a double homicide if it gets to the point of the mother having complications after the procedure.
Abortion can cause our population to decrease. When a woman decides to abort their child, the population will decrease ( Abortion is decreasing our population every time a woman decides to get one. “The legal rights of an unborn child are eliminated by abortion” (“”). Any legal rights that the child would have if born are taken away when the mother decides to have an abortion. Every time a baby is aborted our population decreases, instead of having the baby and letting our population