Persuasive Essay On Syrian Refugees

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It is an honor to join you here today in the hopes of reaffirming the connection of our individual countries, and foster a stronger and peaceful world future. Increased globalization is accompanied with an increased importance of global security.
Inflamed outbreaks of violence in the Middle East have created large populations of displaced people. The situation in Syria is an ongoing tragedy, ISIS continues its campaign of terror not only in Syria, but worldwide with no end in sight. Atrocities inflicted by terrorist groups like ISIS will not stop, and the longer the world’s governments are divided, the more ground ISIS can conquer. The Syrian people's survival is at the moment, stable; and Jordan is host to more than 1.6 million Syrian refugees
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If not for humanitarian reasons, then for the eradication of terrorist groups in the region we all share. Anyone that wishes to leave their country for fear of violence or discrimination should do so and should be assisted by neighboring countries in every way possible. This is only possible through world collaboration and support. As the neighboring countries to Syria and Iraq take in the bulk of refugees, our resources are drained, and massive economic debt ensues. The number of registered Syrian refugees is already equivalent to one-tenth of our own population and will likely reach twenty percent soon. The refugees need food, water, health care, shelter, sanitation, electricity, and education from my country, a small economy that is the fourth water-poorest country in the world. Many countries with larger and stronger economies would struggle to accommodate such a large influx of refugees. Thus far, Jordanians have opened their arms and homes to the refugees, but as the hard winter months in Jordan approaches I can no longer ask them or our neighbors to shoulder a burden that the entire world must share. Geography alone has bestowed this burden on my