Persuasive Essay: Should Community College Be Free?

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Should community college be free? In the article “As He Promotes It, Some Question Obama’s Free Community College Idea” by Joanne Jacobs explains the advantages and the disadvantages of Obama making college free. I don’t think community college should be free there can be many disadvantaged. Community college tuition is already is free for low income students that qualify for financial aid. Making college fees free would create crowded community college campuses. Furthermore having free community college would have needy students to enroll into a college with low graduation rate. Joanne exclaims that college tuition is already free for low-income students , “They point out that community college tuition already is free for low-income …show more content…
Which would mean that there wouldn't be enough space inside classrooms. Community colleges would have a massive need which would place a lot of students on a waiting list therefore would make students not take their courses for graduation and have to take class that is not needed. Then would make the students take longer to transfer or graduate. The Last reason why I believe that community colleges should not be free is that “Making tuition at community colleges free, they say, would encourage the neediest students to enroll at the lowest-funded college with lowest graduation rates.” would have students to enroll into colleges with a low graduation rate. Needy students would have no choice but to attend community colleges with lower graduation rate. Which would make students spend a longer time in college because of the low graduation rate. Last because of having free community colleges it would create more drop