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Course Outline
ENTR 2301 Section 001 Fall 2013

Professor Laurie Jensen, MBA Telephone # 403.440.5681 E-mail Address lljensen@mtroyal.ca OR laurieljensen@gmail.com Office EB3039 (third floor of the Bissett Building)

Office Hours By appointment

Required Course Materials

Textbook: The readings for this course are available electronically through the Google Drive site. As such you will need a reliable internet connection. You're welcome to print relevant portions as you wish to support your own learning style.

Course Description

This highly experiential course develops an understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, and builds awareness of the experiences an entrepreneur will have in practice. Students are exposed to experienced entrepreneurs and meet learning outcomes by participating in experiential learning activities and competitions. A practical framework is examined and put to use based on current entrepreneurial research, practice and lessons learned from people in a variety of fields who have started impactful businesses with limited resources.

Prerequisites: None.

NOTE: This is a General Education course, Tier 2, Cluster 3.

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Objectives
Four areas of focus have been identified for the objectives of courses in Mount Royal’s entrepreneurship program: 1) entrepreneurial toolset, 2) personal mindset and brand, 3) collaborative knowledge creation, and 4) team, networking and communication. These are given in Table 1 along with the methods of assessment for this course. Mount Royal has identified six learning outcomes that describe the core abilities you should develop during your studies, regardless of your academic program. These outcomes and abilities help prepare you for a life of continuous learning, and have been identified as critical to success in the workplace. The relationship between the course objectives and the university outcomes is also shown in Table 1.
Table 1: Learning objectives for this course

Student learning objectives for this course
Methods of assessment
Link to college-wide outcomes
Entrepreneurial toolset objectives Demonstrate understanding of and ability to apply fundamental knowledge and skills related to the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial experience, e.g.: the entrepreneurial process for profit and non-profit ventures; enabling factors in the environment; analysis and interpretation of financial data; fundamental skills in marketing, human resources, operations and strategy;
Recognize and demonstrate the attitudes, behaviors and personal characteristics required of successful entrepreneurs
Topic quizzes
Venture Design Studio
Innovation Tournament
Ethical reasoning
mindset and brand objectives Explore and reflect upon your own entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors and personal characteristics
Demonstrate reflective ‘habits of mind’ and ongoing commitment to developing your entrepreneurial practices
Innovation Tournament
Personal Practice Project
Collaborative knowledge creation objectives
Create as much value as possible using limited resources and your developing social network
Establish a suitable team for creating value under resource, ethical and other constraints
Develop a highly innovative and feasible first-order business model that would enable your idea
Conduct secondary and primary research to test and validate your approach
Vet the entrepreneurial frameworks explored in class against experiences shared by guest speakers
Innovation Tournament
Venture Design Studio
Personal Practice Project

Information retrieval and evaluation
Ethical reasoning
Group effectiveness
team and communication objectives
Develop and strengthen your personal entrepreneurial network to support your learning