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When watching television one is bound to see a commercial advocating “No Texting While Driving”. Often times, a commercial will display a mother telling her heartbreaking story of how she lost her son or daughter to a text message, such as, “where are you?” At this point in the commercial, the setting and feel becomes serious as the mother says, “do you want this to be the last thing you see?”
Unfortunately, cellphones has become an essential part in our society, so much so, that most people feel compelled to have their phones on them at all times, which can consequently lead to various distractions such as, texting while driving. Although, as much as the media tries to raise awareness, how many more deaths will it take before the message “Don’t Text and Drive” truly reaches out to the world? This is why I strongly believe the license, registration, and cell phone bill that allows N.J. cops to search phones after crashes without a warrant, should be implemented into our laws.
Regardless if you are sixteen or twenty-three, one needs to be held accountable for his or her actions. Driving is a huge a responsibility because there are so many precautionary rules that need to be followed and when one of those rules such as, texting while driving is broken, accidents—fatal car accidents, can happen. By implementing this law, perhaps, people will recognize how serious this problem is becoming in the world today, now that the law will soon be holding them physically accountable for their actions. Hopefully, this will force individuals to revaluate the choices they make not only within their lives, but also while in the car.
In addition, this law may also be a great way to aid the police officers or detectives with their investigation. For example, on the highway there are two vehicles, A and B. In vehicle A, there is an eighteen-year-old male who is trying to contact his girlfriend via text message. During the act of texting, the driver in vehicle A only takes his eyes off the road for a few seconds, however, those mere “few seconds” was long enough to cause a collision with vehicle B, in which contained a family of four. Sadly, the force of the collision was strong enough to be fatal, causing everyone in vehicle B to die. However, the driver who became