Peter Singer Poverty

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In Western societies we take advantage of many things. We take advantage of our freedom, food, money, water, and many other things. We purchase water bottles when we can get water for free, all we have to do is turn the faucet and drink water from it. We consume cups of coffee from a varietie of cafes, instead of just buying a big amount of coffee at Costco, and end up saving a lot in the long run. Upper middle class people consumes a lot of things they don't need. They can afford to go on expensive vaction to another continent, tropical island, almost anywhere they want. As long as they have extra money they will please themselves in any shape or form. Instead of spending their money on unnecessary things they can donate their money to aid …show more content…
In his book, Singer discusses issues about wealth and poverty. He mentions that people within the western society are most likely to help others in need, as long as they are able to notice them and are the only ones capable of rescuing them. Singers discuss how our society feels obliged to help others who are within our presence or community, but when it comes to helping people in Third World countries, we act as if they don't exist. In Singer's example, he gives a situation where you are walking by a lake in an expensive suit and shoes, and you notice a child drowning. You have two choices, either you dive in and save the child bur in consequence you wet your expensive shoes and suit, or you mind your own business and let the child drown since you don't want to ruin your clothes. The majority would argue that they would save the child in a heartbeat. Singer gives another situation, he discusses how privileged upper middle-class people waste their money on unnecessary things such as; vacations, luxurious cars, expensive clothes, any many other items. With the money spent on those luxuries, they could be donating to people in the

Third World, and help save many lives. Peter Singer believes that if you are in the upper middle class you should donate to aid agencies that help the extremely poor in the Third World, and if you don't you are not living an ethical life, therefore you are doing something