Peter The Great Essay

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Peter the Great was the Emperor of all Russia, he reign from 2 November 1721 to 8 February 1725.
Peter was a Russian hero because he raised Russia from a state of death and modernized Russia technology and army.
First, the Russian economy (Swift, 2000). The construction of a modern army and the need to free Russia from dependence upon foreign suppliers encouraged Peter to set up domestic industries. The need for uniforms led to the establishment of textile factories. The need for guns led him to build up a metallurgy industry. The production of paper and sulphur, as well as shipbuilding and the construction of canals, were all fostered by Peter. He also saw the need for class of Russian entrepreneurs and did his best to encourage their rise with loans and tariffs and the provision of labour. Despite false starts, failures and waste, it can be claimed that the foundations of Russia’s industrialization were laid by Peter. Peter did a good job with the economy because he made Russia have their own factories and industries.
Second, the foundation of a modern education system (Swift, 2000). Peter sent Russians abroad to learn directly from the west. His reform of the alphabet and introduction of western-style books arguably founded a great literary tradition. He made education compulsory for the nobility. He launched a major assault on the insular, xenophobic, hide-bound attitude of the nobility at least, thus effecting a fundamental change in their outlook. Peter also want his people know how to write well and learn more for the future generation and make Russia better.
Third, Peter focused on the development of science and recruited several experts to educate his people about technological advancements (Smith,1996). He concentrated on developing commerce and industry and created a gentrified bourgeoisie population. Mirroring Western culture, he modernized the Russian