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Philosophy of Family

Kimberly St. Cin

Marriage and Family (213.20142.0018937)


When I was younger my family was simply my dad, mom and myself. Things were much simpler. I didn’t question the role of family. I never thought about it. Then, as I grew I had classmates whose parents were divorced, only had one parent in their life or were being raised by grandparents or other family members. My sheltered concept of family was shaken. It was hard, as a child, to understand that all families were not like mine. The definition of family isn’t simply the family you are born into, it’s who you chose to bring into your life and who chooses to bring you into theirs. It’s the people that chose to be there for you during both the good and bad times. Through the years I’ve had many people who were not blood related but I felt closer to than some of my blood relatives. People who were their cheering me on as I graduated high school, the ones that encouraged my dreams as I pursued college, the individuals that were there to offer a shoulder when I was dealing with my father’s death. All of these people I consider family although we may not share a blood bond.
My family growing up was very traditional. I was raised in a two parent household, by parents who had old school traditional values and beliefs. My parents instilled in me that marriage takes work and commitment. Although, things may not be perfect, hang in there and work through your problems. I had excellent role models, my parents were married for 44 years before my father’s death in 2012. I was also taught to take pride in my children. It is my belief that once you are a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure the children are raised in a manner in which they will grow into adults that are an asset to their community, not a burden. Children are a reflection of their parents. Parents sculpt their children with their teachings, such as moral beliefs, religion, and their values regarding marriage and family and so much