Phobia Speech Essays

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How would you feel if I dropped a big hairy Tarantula down the back of your neck? What would you do if I took you in a plane until cars and trucks below looked like ants? Would you scream, yell or cry? Would you be left feeling nauseas, or unable to move. Would you hyperventilate and suffer a serious heart attack right there siting on your chair? If you would, you may have a phobia. A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear.
Everybody suffers from some kind of fear, everybody in the WORLD suffers from some kind of fear. Except Chuck Norris, he doesn’t have fears, fears have Chuck Norris. Most fears start fron scary events/thing that occur in the sufferers childhood. For example, About 100 years ago, my Great Nana Letty at the age
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This quote has a very true meaning. We bring fear on. We make ourselves feel afraid and the fear gets worse and worse until it’s a “full on” pervasive phobia.
For example, when an Anatidaephobic sees a duck waddling across the park his imagination runs wild. Thoughts flick through his head. Suddenly, he starts thinking that the ducks going to whistle to his fellow duck friends. Now not just one duck is after the poor chap, but hundreds are flying over to join the evil waddling ring leader. All this might sound obsessively unrealistic to you but it’s not.
So now , Ways to avoid Anatidaephobia? If you wanted to minimize your panic attacks or hyperventalation, you could try to avoid ponds and lakes because the previous scenario might just come true. Also another way to help this fear is to not visit duck museums, because there MIGHT be a chance that ducks are in duck museums. (sarcasm).
There are a few ways to cure Anatidaephobia, One way is to be prescribed anti-anxiety medication from a doctor. Also some people use a method called flooding. To successfully be flooded you would basically be put in a room full of duck and maybe a spare change of pants and have to get over your radical