Physical Therapy Professionalism

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Professionalism plays a significant role in Physical Therapy. As a health care provider one should be knowledgeable, caring, friendly and respectful to each patient and to all fellow workers. Being professional is not just a behavior that applies to work but a belief that becomes part of the fabric of who you are as a person whether in class, in work, or in personal relationships. Much of what I have learned about being professional comes from my upbringing and, more importantly, from my work and volunteer experience. I was fortunate to observe and aid with excellent Physical Therapists in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Currently, I am a Rehabilitation Aide at Athletico Physical Therapy in Chicago and have been employed there for over 24 months. While at work I witness the dedication and professionalism that goes into being a Physical Therapist and the rewards that come from these efforts. Our team works cooperatively to bring the highest level …show more content…
I have always been a student that respects the knowledge and dedication of my instructors. In order to be professional in the classroom I believe it is important to be prepared for class by having the relevant materials and to follow the syllabus in order to keep current with the lesson plans that are provided. This shows consideration for fellow classmates as well as the teachers and gives value to their time and hard work because everyone's efforts deserve respect. In doing this it opens up the opportunity for a greater learning environment. I expect to develop intellectually and emotionally through my doctorate experience. The knowledge will certainly be transforming but the new relationships with teachers, students, and patients will have an impact on my personal growth. I look forward to the challenges and rewards of becoming a Physical Therapist and I am prepared for the