physics in tv Essay

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The rabbit could not be standing on the spring without causing it to compress.
After the collision took place something would have to change about the train, it would not have been able to keep moving in the same direction at the same speed, regardless of whether it was elastic or inelastic in nature.
The road would not lift up because of the road runner, he logically wouldn't have a great enough force for that to take place.
The stick from the hammer would not keep hitting the coyote it would eventually slow down due to energy lost from the system.
The dynamite stick could not start rolling uphill without an outside force strong enough to oppose the force of gravity.
When the coyote was falling with the piano there should have been a brief time where they were separate because they have different masses, therefore it doesn't coincide with Newton's laws
The ball wouldn't be able to bounce up with a great enough force to hit the coyote into the ground.
The coyote would not run straight off the cliff in midair he would fall in the shape of a parabolic function.
The grenade would not be suspended in the air for so long, gravity would immediately act upon it.
The cannon would not be able to just switch positions in the air without an applied outside force, which was not present.
The seesaw wouldn't have fallen that slowly.
The bolder would not move about the air in the shape of an arch when it flew up from the dynamite.
The sheep dog is traveling too much faster