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How I Became an Engineering Student
Is choosing a right major easy in a college? Perhaps, for some people it is, but for me it isn’t. I was struggling on it for a long while before I made the final decision. There were serval causes affecting me. First, I am not sure what I really interested in and what I really wanted to be. I don’t want to dealing with something that I am not interested in the coming ten or twenty years. Another cause is can I handle it or not. This is very important because everyone has different weakness and strength. This is the main reason why I switched my major to Engineering from Pure Science.

Since I was in elementary school, I would prefer problem solving based subject rather than other subjects. Therefore, Maths and Physics have become my favorite subjects. I guess I loved problem solving based subject because the answer is always fixed. There are might be several approaches about the problems, but there is only one answer come out at the end. Not like writting class. I am always confused when teacher ask me to write something like a Memorial Day in your life, feeling about a story or review on a book. Yet, a lot of ideas come up in my mind, but I don’t know which one I should focus on. Organizing ideas and transferring ideas in words decently are usually slow my process of writting very hard. When I finish ten complicated problems, I feel a huge sense of success. When I finish a long writting, I would say I just finish a weary work.

Although I like Maths and Physics, I don’t think it is a suitable major for me after I got into college.. At the freshmen year, all the main classes I took are about Maths and Physics. I were fine at the beginning, but when I went in deeper and deeper, I found that farer and farer as I thought about these subjects. In my mind, it is really awesome that we can use those theories and equations to explain what is happening in our surrounding environment, and also, we can make use of it. However, in advanced Maths and Physics, it always discuss about “illusory” things. I understand that everything like cell phone, computer and electricity are based on these theories. Even though I can do problems, quizzes and tests, I don’t really understand what’s going on actually. Therefore, I think myself is limited at this level and start doubting it should be my major or not.

Later on, I started searching another major that I probably interested in, and finally I got the answer from my mother. That made me nervous because I had to make the decision as soon as possible. I have taken some Economic and business classes but I don’t think they are my cup of tea. I tried to figure out what will be different if the price of power ball is increased and how a company starts. I discussed it with my parents, friends and instructors. Finally, my mother gave me the answer, she said” You love Lego and making models when you was a child. So you should try the engineering class. “Calculating, constructing, apply of physics, problem solving and closer to our daily life. It might be the correct choice. That was my first comment about this advice.

Because of my mother’s advising, I took my first engineering class two quarters ago and she’s right. It is called Statics. It is about calculating the force exerted or afford of a structure in static state, very similar to some