Questions On Pressure

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Ben, Griffin, Jackson 1. Pressure can be calculated by dividing force by area, basically it is the ratio of force to the area which it is distributed. Pressure can also be applied to liquid, which known as fluid pressure. Pascal’s principle is where pressure is applied to a fluid in a closed container, and is transmitted equally to every point of the fluid and to the walls of the container. Pressure is a scalar quantity, and is always proportional to the force normal to the surface area. 2. Our goal is to have the best demonstration of the class. We also would like to broaden the classes understanding of pressure. How pressure is extremely prevalent in everyday life, ranging from weather, brakes in a car, and opening a can. Pressure is a valuable tool that allows work and force to be amplified. 3. We want the class to be able to understand how pressure is used in the real world. We want them to know how they can use pressure in their lives. Both conceptual problems and mathematical problems.
Students should be able to answer questions demonstrating how pressure is calculated, or changed when exposed to different elements. 4. The class will be engaged through participating and experiencing interesting demonstrations.
Examples will feature real life applications, such as an airplane COCKpits, how pressure affects the weather, hydraulics and more. 5. Demonstrations, unique theoretical or real life scenarios involving pressure, and possibly a class