Plan: Music Industry and International Treaties Essay

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Music Label

Dominic Khaemba
P. O Box 190, Kimilili
Nairobi County,


Fiscal year 2014
Table of Contents

Statement of Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure 2
Statement of Purpose 2
Exhibit “A” Executive Summary 3
EXHIBIT “B” Business Description 4 1.1 Industry Overview 4 1.2 Company Description 4 1.3 History and Current Status 7 1.4 Goals and Objectives 7 1.5 Critical Success Factors 7 1.6 Company Ownership 8 1.7 Exit Strategy 8
Exhibition “C” Products / Services 9 2.3 Research and Development 10
EXHIBIT “D” The Market 11 3.1 Industry Analysis 11 3.2 Market Analysis 13 3.3 Competitor Analysis 15
4. Marketing Strategies and Sales 18 4.1 Introduction 18 4.2 Market Segmentation Strategy 18 4.3 Targeting Strategy 18 4.4 Positioning Strategy 19 4.5 Product/Service Strategy 19 4.6 Pricing Strategy 20 4.7 Distribution Channels 21 4.8 Promotion and Advertising Strategy 21 4.9 Sales Strategy 22 4.10 Sales Forecasts 23
Exhibit “F” Management 24 6.1 Company Organization 24 6.2 The Team 24 6.3 Management Structure and Style 25
Exhibit “G” Financial Summary 27 Capital Requirements 27

Statement of Purpose

This Business Plan explores the possibility that the promotion of Music entrepreneurship that harnesses local talents, skills and heritage in Kenya may be of global value and may provide innovative possibilities for boosting incomes and generating quality employment in a sector that is normally overlooked by international investors or addressed with piecemeal and traditional approaches. AgelessMuzik’s work in the area of music production is based on the premise that small enterprises can only grow and become competitive economic ventures when they have clear and well-developed channels for selling their outputs. The lack of adequate markets for the consumption of cultural goods and services is frequently identified as a major obstacle to the development of a truly vibrant and economically viable culture sector. AgelessMuzik aims to marry the concerns of the Education, Media, Arts and Culture division of the in Kenya to transform the Music sector into a sustainable form of job creation and income generation.

Exhibit “A” Executive Summary

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AgelessMuzik Productions is one of Kenya’s finest recording studios and is also the creative play space of music producer and composer Dominic Khaemba. It is housed in an impressively equipped UAD Apollo-based studio in Nyeri. At this stage of AgelessMuzik, the business is at an expansion phase aiming to move its services to Nairobi. We are in our 10th year of working with clients who range from solo artists to full bands. Our collection of instruments and gear are mostly the ultra-modern type. AgelessMuzik is a studio with the expertise, equipment, and professionalism of any big city studio, but with all the comfort of our relaxed, familial space. Our staff is obsessed with good songs and good sounds. Our space is creative and playful. Our goal of giving clients a unique experience and world-class production explains why they keep coming back and in many cases, become good friends.

Everyone who has worked with us would agree that Notable’s greatest asset is composer and producer Dominic Khaemba. In addition to producing and recording hundreds of records and soundtracks, he is sought out as an audio expert and is experienced in a vast range of musical genres. His background includes an education to a Master’s level in Music, teaching at world class colleges, producing and recording hundreds of albums, and writing music for artists and bands in Kenya and in East Africa.

At Ageless, no job is too big or too small. From