Plane Crash Short Story

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The Crash

Let me take you into my story to what happened in the book. There was an Eleven-year-old boy named Luke Reynard which is me, and his family are going on a trip to Hawaii, but there was a tragic plane crash. But I'm going to have stop there, and you will have to you have to read the rest of my story. Chapter One
Big News

“LUKE!" Mom wanted to tell me something that was so important that I didn’t want to listen to, but I had to, so she wouldn’t think that I was ignoring her.
"YES, MOM!" At least I answered back so I wouldn’t get in trouble, but I knew that because of how she called me to come here. So, I sprinted into mom's room, and my sister was sitting down at her desk on her phone waiting for me to come in, while mom
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"Don’t say that Luke!" Sadie told us while crying.
“EVERYONE BRACE FOR IMPACT!” "BOOM!" The sound of the plane crashing on the deserted island. I Felt my memories passing through my head like a Bullet Train going across my head. It didn’t make sense of why this was happening, but then everything went blank like snapping your fingers together just like that.
Later when I woke up. My vision was blurry, but I could make up what was there. "Mom? Sadie? Wake Up come on don't do this to me please don’t." Holding them in my hand and on my knees begging them to wake up. Then lying there on my hands dead.
"NOOOO! This wouldn't have to happen!" I stayed there crying for hours and hours. I felt that I lost everything, and my life was over. And thought what's going to happen next.
"Luke?" I remembered that voice when my dad went missing.
“Who Said That?" I thought that the voice was in my head but then I saw a man in the trees.
"Who are you?" Hoping that he would help.
"Luke, it Is me, your father...” I didn’t believe him, so I wanted to ask him a few questions to see if he really was my
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“When was I Born?”
“June 18th, 2003” He is also right about that, but I wanted to give him one more question.
“What is mom’s name?”
“Hazel Shepard Reynard.” When he said mom’s full name, I just paused for a moment. I was hesitant for a question I was about to ask him, but I didn’t request anymore.
Later that day, we settled in and got some rest. Dad made some food that really wasn’t the best, but at least I am not starving to death. As the days went on I couldn’t sleep well ever since the plane crash. It was hard to get over because I saw laying on my arms. I was injured very badly, but dad fixed me up. He told me that he has been stranded on that island for five years. He didn’t have the resources to get off the island but ever since the plane crashed, there were things he could get to help us get off the island. We weren’t far away from the mainland, we were about an hour or two away.

Chapter Four