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11/15/12 Movie Review: Lord Of The Flies In the 1963 film Lord Of The Flies directed and written by Peter Brook, produced by Lewis M.Allen the film received mostly positive reviews with an average score of 7.9/10. But this movie was good for its time. Compared to films, or movies of the 21st century it falls short on acting skills and cinema effects. But never the less it get's the point and plot dilivered. Most importantly it's authentic to its name for it is a remake of the book. Starting James Aubrey as Ralph, Tom Champin as jack, and Hug Edwards as piggy. The timeing and place falls under a Britain that is at war about WWII and the island is somewhere in the atlantic making this film fall under Adventure, Drama, and Thriller. Left alone with no adults and no sign of civilization a large group of boys get stranded on an island after expirencing their plan shot down and crashing into the shore. The movie follows one of the older boys the main character Ralph who finds piggy on the the island. Together they find the conch which becomes the symbol of authority and power at the start. After Ralph becoming leader of all the boys by vote. He starts to see how hard it is to lead and starts seeing everything go from good, everyone working to very bad very fast people getting lazy and wanting to play. You later start to see a power struggle of control over the group witch eventually leads the civilized British boys into wild blood thursty savages under Jack's dictatorship while Ralph tries to keep everyone civilized with rules. The growing conflicts rise intensly leading to a bloody and frighting climax. Getting closely into detail with the movie the acting was passable for the most part.There were a few scenes that looked off. For example in the begining when they all present themselves to each other some seem to studder or hesitate to answer as if they forgot their lines. The boys in the cast had mostly not read the book and the scripts were runing short. In other words the film was shot by explaining to the actors what to do so alot was improvised. In other areas they failed to emotionally capture the feelings of the some issues. For example when the fire goes out and the hunters come back piggy and Ralph are upset and argue with jack because a plane passed by in both the book and the movie piggy gets hite but in the book piggy reacts to the hit much more emotionally and angry with jack than in the movie. The set design in my opinon was great, although it's a black and white movie you can still see the beautiful detail of the setting. The film was shot entirely in Puerto Rico at Aguadilla, El Yunque and on the island of Vieques. The costume design where simple but still looked good. They where partially naked almost all the movie but at the beging you can see how everyone is dressed up in their mildly clean cloths. With school boy shoes socks and the rest of the pacage. Half way through most cloths are dirty riped or taken off. Then almost towards the end the hunters get completely naked and paint their body and faces unlike the book their haire dosent grow as much. In one scene the hunter and most kids join in on a ritual or celebration fest and they decorate their bodies with leaves and twigs and sticks and spears. In comparison to the book their are a few details that the movie did not add from the book and other extra scenes not seen inthe book. One