Planet and Saturn Essay

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Have you ever learned facts about the planet Saturn? Well I have, and it’s been very educational! Here are a few reasons about why I decided to study and write about the planet Saturn. I’ve had an amazing time learning about Saturn. Here are a few reasons about why I decided to learn and study about this interesting planet. The fist reason why I decided to learn about this planet is, because of how its rings formed. For many years, astronomers believed that Saturn’s rings formed from the remains of bodies that strayed close to the giant planet. According to a science book, Saturn’s rings are wide but very thin. In certain parts, they are probably less than one hundred feet thick from top to bottom. Having the most moons out of all the planets is also, another important reason why I decided to write about Saturn. Before space travel was even possible, astronomers thought that Saturn only had 11 moons- the ones they could see through the telescopes, but space probes allowed astronomers to discover that the planet has at least eighteen. Science research proves that other possible moons have been reported, so Saturn may have more moons. The last reason about why I chose Saturn is because; Saturn and Jupiter have a few things alike. Jupiter and Saturn both have complicated patterns of wind flow in the planet’s atmosphere, and they both have, or they are, the only planets that have a lot of moons(Jupiter needs four more moons to have the exact amount of moons Saturn has;