planning and strategic management Essay

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Topic: Planning and Strategic Management
Situational Analysis
A process planners use to gather, interpret, summarize information in time and resource constraints.
Alternative goals and plans
Alternative Goals and Plans configured during the situational analysis that may be used to achieve the goals
Goal and Plan Evaluation
They now asses the advantages disadvantages and effects of each of the alternative goals
Goal and Plan Selection
Then they choose one that is affordable and appropriate and identify the priorities and tradeoffs among the goals and plans.
Managers have to educate employees about the goals and implement the plans designed to achieve the goals.
Monitor and Control
Managers must monitor actual performance of their work units against

2. Strategic planning consists of long term goals and plans that have strong external orientation and cover major portions of the organization.
Tactical planning is for translating broad, strategic goals and plans into specific goals and plans and are relevant to a certain portion of the organization.
Operational planning is the process of identifying specific procedures and processes at lower level management, such as production runs and delivery schedules.

3. Planning provides individuals and work units with a clear map to their future goals and plans. Goals are targets or ends the manager wants to reach. Even the best plans are useless if they are not implemented properly. It helps clear a pathway to achieving organizational goals by making them attainable.

4. A SWOT analysis is a comparison of strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that help executives formulate strategy. The SWOT analysis would reveal what strengths the newspaper company has and assess those