Strategic Planning In Strategic Management

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According to (Atow-Zahir, 2012) strategic planning lays down the expectations of stakeholders such as government, customers, shareholders and employees and also examines the impact the environmental factors has on its expansion and growth strategies in a highly competitive environment. It sets the basis for performance measurement and the methodologies to be used when change is necessary in an effort to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals. This creates an organizational culture that encourages setting the bar higher every time which improves the competitive edge. That contributes to inculcating an environment-conscious mentality among the organization’s staff, a conduct that plays a big role in achieving the goal of environmental …show more content…
This is because the managers trust their employees to participate in strategic planning and management which provides the ability for the managers to stem problems that may arise as he has the ability to see and solve them before they happen. This can be applied to the Dubai courts system where it will boost the collaboration between the court leaders such as judges and other court officials.
Strategic planning and management also acts as a source of motivation to employees and reduces the likelihood of resisting change due to its ability to combine strategy formulation and implementation. This is because the employees are aware of the rewards that operating at optimal levels of performance brings to the table which in turn raises the competency level of the organization and inevitably leads to better returns from services and products provided by the organization (Bradutan and Sarbu,
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A well-developed strategic plan is the necessary guide post for the organization and a means of making the customers happy and content with the services offered by the organization. Just like a master chef is identified by his ability to combine different ingredients to prepare a finger-licking dish, so is a good manager or leader known by his ability to craft a sound strategy and execute it thus turning his organization into a model company. The Dubai court system stands a chance in establishing its leadership position in the UAE and the Arabic world in general by applying strategic management practices (Huiru,