Planning a Course for Learners Essay

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Identifying Needs
When planning to take a class I first need to identify the needs of my learners. To do this I would do a Skills Checker to see what level the learner is at and what help the need. Then I would do an initial assessment and a pre advice and guidance with them. This will tell me what the learner feels they already know, and what they hope to achieve from the course. Not all learners are at the same level, this can be due to many reasons including social and Cultural differences, education needs, backgrounds etc.

It is important when preparing for a class that you take into account that some learners will take longer than others and make allowances for this, but also remember you will need to plan for the quicker learners to have something to work on so they are not sitting around with nothing to do.

Plan & Design
As a tutor you need to plan a class that not only meets the needs of the learner but also the requirements of the course. You have to make sure the learning outcomes, aims and objectives are all covered. You will need to plan which order you are going to do the units and how much time will be needed for each one.

Check that you have the resources to do the assignments such as; whiteboards, pens, Paper, hand-outs, enough computers for all the learners. Assessment tools to keep check on how things are going; Progress reviews, tests, observation sheet. These are all formative assessment tools for the tutor to use to check if the learner is progressing and understanding what they are doing or if they need more help in specific areas. Summative assessment tools; final exam, end of program progress review. To find out what has been learnt over the course. Finally you will need a contingency plan in case things do not go the way you are expecting it to. Always allow for thing that could go wrong and be prepared for this

It is my responsibility when taking a class that all the learners’ needs are catered for. That they are not discriminated or harassed by other learners or staff and their safety and security is always a top priority. It is my duty to make sure I am always suitably dressed and have good hygiene, behave and communicate in a professional way, keep a professional distance but also be approachable and gain the learners trust and respect. Make sure all the learners information and paperwork is kept up to date and stored away securely.

When I support a course, it is a structured course with set criteria that has to be met for the learner to pass. I need to make sure my knowledge of the course is up to date so I can pass this on to the learners. I have set sessions for different units. These vary between - Mornings – as a group we chat about what the unit is about, what the questions are asking, how the learners perceive the questions and different examples of how they could answer them, hand-outs that give the learners different scenarios, question and answer sessions, quiz’s.
Afternoons - work through the unit in the workbook or on the computers, at the end of each